Resource Guru

Branding a Master of Harmony

The Resource Guru project was a journey into branding mastery, where we delved into the depths of creating a cohesive and impactful brand strategy 'The Master of Harmony'. We crafted brand concepts, illustrations, animations, website and product designs, and a design system that truly embodied the essence of the strategy. The results were nothing short of transformative. Our efforts led to a 75% increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue and a 17% decrease in customer churn rate. Like a true guru, we harnessed the power of design and strategy to bring harmony and balance to Resource Guru's brand and customer experience.

Brand Strategy

The Master of Harmony

By harnessing the power of Resource Guru, users can become true gurus of time management, achieving a sense of balance and order in their scheduling and resource allocation. We created the brand positioning 'Master of Harmony' to reflect the ability to master time and the sense of harmony that comes with it.

Making a Guru

The Resource Guru logo design is a true embodiment of the brand's positioning. Three rings, equally spaced, form the guru icon, symbolising balance and order. The rings form an infinity symbol, capturing the infinite nature of time.

Resource Guru wordmark close up - showing the new cut
Resource Guru horizontal wordmark clear space
Resource Guru - Full vertical lockup wordmark

The Chaos of Time

Our 'Supergraphics' are based around the idea of visualising peoples time lines. Every person is different and so is their time organisation but with Resource Guru people can Master their Team's Time

The Art of Balance

The illustrations are created with a geometric and balanced approach, using circles and other rounded shapes to create a sense of balance and harmony. The illustrations are bright, fun, and minimalistic, with a colour palette that evokes a sense of tranquility and balance.

Bonsai tree graphic illustration for the Resource Guru branding project
Speech Bubble illustration for the Resource Guru brand
Lilly illustration for the Resource Guru brand
Koi carp graphic illustration for the Resource Guru branding project

A Higher Purpose

The hero illustration style for Resource Guru is a powerful visual tool that is used in key marketing situations such as the hero images on the website. These illustrations, created by Febin Raj, are epic and meditative scenes that draw the viewer in and evoke a sense of serenity and balance.

Paraform Studio are rare talents. They breathed new life into our brand and gave us exactly what we asked for - something iconic. We, along with our customers, absolutely love it!

Andrew Rogoff – Founder

Overview of the Resource Guru brand guidelines

Product Zen

We utilised the brand strategy and philosophy for Resource Guru to enhance the product design from the ground up. We created a comprehensive atomic design system in Figma, with 1000s of component variations and 100s of design tokens, meditating on each atom until we found harmony throughout the product.

Example of organisms for Resource Guru design system
Example of templates schedule in the design system for Resource Guru
Molecule overview for Resource Guru product design

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